Hello everyone, if you’re reading this, you certainly have a very refined taste in people  “I.E, clueless 17 year old dilettantes”!  I’m just another individual looking for some sort of tangible way to contribute to humanity.  Throughout the sojourn that has thus far been my existence, I’ve had numerous interests.  Playing guitar, writing poetry/novels/short stories, and the most recent development, cartooning. As an individual, I’m fairly convoluted.  Whenever I see everyday objects/animals, things that would otherwise be mundane, I anthropomorphise them, and attempt to fit various assortments of the burdening aspects of sapient existence to them.  I.E, a hair louse discovering that there is a food in his hair.  For the most part, I detest socializing, and despite adoring my peers, find most people to be intensely annoying.  Why do I cartoon?  Well, that’s a story in itself…

In elementary school I started, between 3rd-4th grade with stick figures and a cartoon feline named “Fudge”.  Through middle school I drew lengthy comics consisting of 12 frames, the humor was crude, and often relied on physical/scatological jokes.  I started drawing more farcical cartoons in high school, and eventually moved towards satire.   Never particularly enthralled with life, I tend to  use humor for sublimation, as well as a way to jovially slander every aspect of existence.

On any given day I’ll draw up to and occasionally over 100 cartoons, of varying quality and originality of course.  The ones I put on here are usually some of the more understandable ones, as not many people would find some of my more obscure drawings humorous.  As with all humor my particular jokes may not tickle your fancy, but I assure you that I try to supply this site with an abundant variety of topics/styles.  The topics range from mice to godzilla, and southern hicks to Nietzsche.

Hope you enjoy, cheers!