Thank you all of those who followed my wordpress… I won’t be posting toons here anymore (still).  However, I now operate a facebook page where I post 10-30 toons a day, and here’s the link.  Thanks.  🙂


Well, perhaps not final.  I finally rummaged through the couches enough to locate sufficient monetary assets to purchase my own domain.  Same schedule as usual, only I plan to upload more cartoons onto my site and more often.  I thank you all for reading my work and tagging along.  Link is here:     Have a jolly good time. 

Moonlight Sonata


“What do you mean you’re suffering from post-partum?”

Hell Is For Lovers

“Who would’ve thought hell was so romantic?” P.S. I apologize for the lack of quality in this drawing, I’ve just started to draw with both hands (simultaneously) as a means to save time, hopefully I’ll get the hang of it soon and resume the same quality, thanks.

God's Playlist

“I’ll Be Watching You”

Cretaceous Conundrum

“Ah! I feel so violated!”